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The SBUMS Ophthalmic Research Center (ORC) was established in 1999 in a very limited space at the Ophthalmology Ward at SBUMS Labbafi Nejad Educational Hospital. In 2001, the SBUMS ORC was expanded following lots of efforts and employing its administrative and research staff to promote ophthalmic researches. Since 2004, the center has been working independently.

   The final aim of the health care system in any nation is to promote public health level and administering health justice among people. Research in a field can offer guidelines in order to design and initiate health policies and programs, and so it can play a major role to achieve the health care goals. The SBUMS ORC, in line with its educational and research goals, tries to pursue its values and provide innovations in the field.

The center is attempting to play its research roles in helping our Islamic nation as well as improve human knowledge in the world in general. 

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